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Know : what is mean by lead generation and how to increase conversation?

Lead Generation : What does it Mean?

Lead generation is a sales process for stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service you offer with an objective of generating  a strong sales pipeline. 

In lead generation process the first step is to move the prospect through the buying process and to do this you need to have the contact information.

Once you have contact information, you can take the lead through the various buying stages, for instance, from awareness to interest , for consideration, and finally, conversion.

A good lead generation platform just should not help you generate good leads but also should increase your brand awareness , help you build relationships and ultimately close deals. 

Lead Generation to Conversion : A simple Process

Remember sending/ blasting email campaigns or running  on various media dies not help you to grow your leads or convert them to customers, you need a to follow few simple steps :

  • If you like to generate high volume leads, keep your goals, customer concerns, and challenges in mind. Deliver that content which solves their pain points and results  in nurturing relationships.
  • If you like to convert leads into customers, remember all people visiting your sites or opened your mails aren’t ready to buy yet. If you contact them too soon, they may feel put off. Lead qualification is important, but it’s a major challenge for sales, so take some time to nurture those leads. 
  • To show the impact of your lead naturing, you need to plan out a strategy and determine lead scoring model. What to measure, when to measure, and how to measure you should choose the right metrics in  generating qualified leads, increase sales pipeline and improve sales conversions.

Lead Scoring : How do we assign a Value?

Lead scoring is a way to qualify leads quantitatively. Using this technique, leads are assigned a numerical value to determine where they fall on the scale from “Suspect” to “Prospect “ to “Customer”.

  • A lead’s score can be based on actions they’ve taken, a value can be assigned on : 
  • Views, Clicks, Replies etc. by a contact on an email campaign run. 
  • Based on a contact engagement on your social media platforms, blogs etc. 
  • Number of visit made by a contact on your website. 
  • Based on the demographic , industry category , contact title etc matches with your requirements. 

The higher the value, more the “Lead Qualified” and the easier to be converted as a “Customer”.

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