• 15th Jun '21
  • CloudSeva Technologies LLP
  • 2 minutes read
  • Autor: CloudSeva Technologies LLP

Ingredients that helps you get your email opened

If your sending emails to the contacts who have subscribed to your email list, then you have a certainty of seeing your open rate between 15% to 40%. Research shows that this rate can go up to 50%.

Here are the secret ingredients for high email open rate:

Who sent the email? 

If the sender is not recognized the odds of opening the mail is less or not been opened. 

  • Take permission from the sender.
  • Send email from your domain.
  • Address the person with his/her name.
  • Include your company name along with your sender’s name.

What is the email about? 

Have your subject line be clear and concise, also try if its less then 25 characters. 

  • Be truthful about what the email is all about.
  • Try different tones viz ask questions, use action verbs.
  • Personalized the subject line with the contact’s name.

What is your email’s first sentence? 

Do you know the first sentence of your email appears even before an email is opened? 

  • Make sure that your email first sentence say’s much more then Dear / Hello <Name>  or click here to Unsubscribe
  • Convey more info about what the email is about in your first sentence.

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