• 29th Jun '21
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Understanding your Sales Funnel ?

Lead generation is important to all business from acquiring new customers , to grow business and to build credibility and value.

In a Lead generation process the basic is to find and attract people who are likely to become your customers. To find people we need to get the contact information of that person, like their name, email ID or organization’s name, the contact information can be sourced either organically or by paid services. 

The process of lead generation includes educating the lead on the products / services you offering to converting them to customers, the entire process moves thru 3 levels in sales funnel. 

Top of the funnel (TopFu):

TopFu leads have no clue what product or services your offering or which domain you operate in, they need awareness.

Do not sell them your products or service up-front.

This leads needs to be educated on products or services you offer and the value your products or services bring to them. Brochures, Flyers , Presentations and  Blogs works well in this stage.

Middle of the funnel (MidFu):

MidFu  leads are aware about the products or services you offering, they just need a push.

They will have a lot of question on your offerings.

This leads needs to be provided more information about your offerings , how they best fit the value and competitively distinguished. Fact sheets, Case studies , References and testimonials will make your brand stronger.   

Bottom of the funnel (BotFu):

BotFu leads are fully aware about your products and services, they need your products or services.

They need a clear pitch.

This leads are fewer in numbers and need tactics or strategies to convert them to customers. Offering Trials , Discounts and in person meetings  will well work at this stage..

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